Cut The Rope 2: New Bakery Update with Ginger

12/09/2014 04:19 am by William Hankin in NewsPuzzleCasual

The adorable Om Nom is back and this time he is wreaking havoc around a bakery in Cut the Rope 2. Quite what the Om Nom is, no one will ever know. But one thing is for sure: It will stop at nothing to get at the delicious treats. Literally nothing! So be warned as the Om Nom will jump of the edge of a cliff just for a taste of that yummy candy.

Players of the original Cut the Rope will be familiar with this casual style of gameplay, which is somewhat comparable to Angry Birds. But for the uninitiated, the aim of this mobile app is to help the Om Nom jump, climb, swing, and gnaw his way around the stages. Needless to say this involves cutting some ropes!
It's not often that we see adorable and fire in the same sentence, but in keeping with the bakery theme of this update, there is an adorable ball of fire to help us burn the wooden obstacles and cinder the knotted ropes. Players can use Ginger to their advantage, working together to reach those tasty candies!
For all the Android users who feel they're missing out on all the Om Nom action: Don’t fret! The official Cut the Rope 2 Facebook page says that it will be released some time early next year. FOr now, the Bakery upate is only available to iOS players.

Stay tuned for more Cut the Rope 2 news!

Source: Facebook
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