Cultures Online: New Items and Dungeons to be Coming with Today's Update

01/27/2011 04:10 am in News

Publishers of the free-to-play browser game Cultures Online, gamigo, have announced the addition of two new dungeons, a game and items in the coming patch. Nice rewards await you if you dare to enter these new zones.
Cultures Online

Cultures Online

With today's update, you will be able to explore two new dungeons named "Upper Dragons Lair" and "Lower Dragons Lair" in the browser game Cultures Online. The upper lair will be for players level 65-80 and the lower lair is for those player level 5-20. As a reward for those who take up the challenge and succeed, the Atlantis Item Set will be yours for the taking.

If you're looking for more fun in the world of Cultures Online, you can head down to the pub and try your hand at the new game coming in the update. The publishers, gamigo (Loong, King of Kings 3), have introduced the Bjarni Puzzle box and offered you three free spins to try to get a new high score. You can attempt to best your personal high score, or challenge the score of others across the server.

Other additions to Cultures Online to be seen are unnamed items, smithy changes and output increases. The smithy changes affected the loss of previous upgrades when a failed attempt occurred using a gemstone. This will no longer happen, however if you are trying to upgrade it with gold and fails, you still have the chance of losing previous upgrades. The idea output and raw material in production buildings has now been increased starting at level 21.

Source: Game homepage
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