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Cultures Online
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Cultures Online Description

Join the boisterous world of Vikings in the icy realms of Iceland and expand a humble village into a mighty empire. As a hero and leader, inspire and guide your Viking citizens to a prosperous future.


Cultures Online is a strategic browser-based online game centred in the time of the Viking. As a Viking hero yourself, it is your task to build and expand a settlement, participate in exciting research, and take to the battlefield and fight for glory. The future of your village is in your hands as you make decisions for and lead your settlement to prosperity.

In Cultures Online there are three different character classes to choose from – these include the Warrior, the Ranger and the Berserker. Warriors are fierce and expert at close-range melee combat, and work well as lumberjacks. Rangers are intelligent and specialise in long-range attacks, and are typically found undertaking research at the alchemist’s workshop. Berserkers are reckless and powerful; skilled in the use of impressive two-handed weapons. Berserkers can be found working hard in the quarry when not embarking on epic adventures. Using the character statistics monitor the progression of your character through Cultures Online. Gain experience and attribute points as you complete missions and expeditions.

There are two unique types of quest in Cultures Online – randomly generated quests and story-based quests. Randomly generated quests are handed out by NPCs in the game, and usually take your hero on a journey to the battlefield, where opponents await you. Story-based quests are rare and generally more complex than the randomly generated quests. Equip your Viking hero with specialised equipment as you level up and defeat enemy players. Roam the land as a solo Viking hero, or band together with friends and players to form a unique powerful tribe. Explore the vast landscapes of Europe, North Africa and the Far East as you go on thrilling expeditions.

Test your strategic and military skills as you reign over your very own Viking empire in Cultures Online.

by Kyle Hayth

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