Culture Conflicts: Strategy-based browser game to be launched in early 2011

11/23/2010 03:35 am in News

The beginning of 2011 will go off with a bang with the release of a strategy MMOG, Culture Conflicts. The free-to-play online game takes you thousands of years back in time, where you construct and expand a powerful empire, advancing through all the ages to the present and beyond.
Culture Conflicts

Culture Conflicts

German games developers MaDe Games are planning a full commercial release in spring next year. Culture Conflicts is currently in the development and testing phase in preparation for the upcoming release. The Culture Conflicts website is now online, complete with the first in-game screenshots as well as further information about the strategy browser game.

Culture Conflicts – The Rise of Civilizations is an MMOG that takes you to the year 4000BC, as lord over your own settlement. Through clever technology research, persistent construction and development and exciting territory combat, you advance through the various civilizations. The game ends in the futuristic time of 2500AD. By collecting various resources including wood, iron ore, stone, gold, oil and food you provide for your citizens, uncover new technologies and construct various powerful structures to protect and supply your empire.

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