Culture Conflicts
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Culture Conflicts
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Culture Conflicts Description

Starting in the ancient world, you expand and develop your very own civilization. Over time you progress through four civilizations, leading you to the future in the year 2500...


Culture Conflicts – The Rise of Civilizations is a free-to-play strategy browser game in which you preside over an empire, starting out in the year 4000BC and ending in the futuristic times of 2500AD. You decide what kind of governmental approach you will take when leading your nation, be it through war or through diplomacy.

In Culture Conflicts you start the expansion of your nation by planning and constructing various dwellings to support your citizens, and for production. You must recruit workers to assist you with the production of resources and construction of buildings. There are several resources that you need in order to support and expand your nation, including gold, oil, wood, stone, ore and food.

In addition to construction, you must also conduct research in order to unlock new technologies that will help your civilization to continue to evolve. As you discover new technologies you are able to upgrade the quality of your buildings and the armor and weaponry of your troops. You must provide food and shelter for your troops, workers and citizens in Culture Conflicts, to best prepare them for conflict.

There are two primary duties your troops are responsible for in Culture Conflicts. The first duty is the crucial defense of your nation and the valuable resources you hold. The second is to embark on fierce unprecedented attacks on your neighboring properties, to gain control of their land and loot their valuable supplies.

Go far back in time and build, fight and lead your nation to the future and beyond in the strategic browser game Culture Conflicts.

by Kyle Hayth

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