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Cubelands Description

Experience the thrill of building your entire world from scratch from resources you collect yourself. From the Eiffel Tower to the Space Shuttle, you can build whatever you heart desires...


Cubelands is a free-to-play browser game or client game which lets you create almost anything you can imagine. The goal in this game is to build whatever you want, how you want while enjoying the time spent alone or with friends.

Cubelands is an online, multiplayer game. This means you can play with up to sixteen other friends simultaneously. Take on exciting new projects and recreate some of the most famous structures in history or just have fun messing around.

The main focus of Cubelands is to use your imagination and creativity to build anything. You can share your creations with other players around the world and earn some serious bragging rights.You can even change your character or the world around you with custom server textures, letting you have an almost unimaginable number of ways to customize your gaming experience.

You can also build your character profile in Cubelands. You have the chance to complete achievements, build up some impressive statistics, take screenshots and more. This lets you show off to all of your friends just have far you have come in the free-to-play game.

Create entire worlds and share them with friends in Cubelands, the free-to-play online game. Featuring dedicated servers and nearly limitless options, you can build anything you can imagine from the ground up!

by Kyle Hayth

Cubelands Screenshots

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