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CSR Classics
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CSR Classics Description

Face other players in online matches by racing down the tracks in the classic supercar of your choice! Rule the streets and become king or queen of the CSR franchise. Start your engines to see which racer will take home the ultimate bragging rights…


While some gamers prefer to train their brains with puzzle games and simply follow a laid back approach, others are looking to challenge themselves and others in competitive online worlds. If you identify with the latter group, this mobile game brought to you by Natural Motion Games might just be the one for you. With CSR Classics, you become part of the thrilling racing community and join thousands of other players worldwide on the tracks. It will take a while for you to reach the top of the food chain in this free-to-play mobile game, however, as no racer is born a superstar. The time has come for you to make a name for yourself and show everyone that nitroglycerin runs in your veins. Similar to CSR Racing, dozens of cars are available to choose from. Here, classic models such as the Ford Mustang or the Chevrolet Camaro make an appearance and give the title a retro feeling.

Online matches will pit you against players of a similar ranking. Give it your all and speed down the racing track to be the first to cross the finish line. How can this goal be achieved? By swiftly moving your fingertips across the touchscreen of your iOS or Android mobile device and knowing what bag of tricks your opponents might be hiding up their sleeves. Be prepared for speed boosts, occasional traps or other power-ups that are purchasable with in-game currency in CSR Classics! You too can get your hands on upgrades that will decide between victory and defeat in this multiplayer racing game.

Apart from temporary boosts, all players also have the chance to permanently upgrade the supercar of their choice. Customizable parts and more powerful engines are just the beginning: The further you get in CSR Classics, the more control you have over what your cars are capable of bringing to the racing track. The most important factor to winning any race in this gaming app is balancing the three main stats, namely speed, performance and handling.

CSR Classics Screenshots

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