Crystal of Wisdom
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Crystal of Wisdom
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Crystal of Wisdom Description

Join the fight against the immoral and feared Koh race. Build up a powerful battalion force, construct sturdy dwellings and collect resources in your bid to stop the Koh from overrunning the empire...


In the fantasy-rich browser game Crystal of Wisdom you play as one of two factions – the noble and wise Ahn, or the brutal and fierce Goh. Both have equal but varying strengths and weaknesses, and you are able to switch between the two races throughout the game for variety, for a small fee.

Both factions have ten classes of military units to choose from. In both factions you will find Infantry, Lance Fighters, Archers, Crystal Riders, Cavalry, Sabotuere, Watchmen, Spies, Palace Guards and Governors. It is your responsibility, as presiding lord, to oversee these units and ensure a strategic balance between the units is kept in the strategic online game Crystal of Wisdom.

The strategic online game Crystal of Wisdom puts you in the seat of leader over your own settlement. To begin, you must construct various dwellings and structures to support and protect your citizens and soldiers. Build a temple to keep your citizen’s faith and hope alive in Crystal of Wisdom. Faith is crucial to the success of your settlement.

In addition to this, you must ensure you provide food for your citizens by growing and harvesting wheat. You must manufacture bricks to build structures with, and collect gems and weaponry in order to guarantee victory in battle.

Other structures include a marketplace, a blacksmith, wheat and brick storage buildings, treasury, armory, academy, military camp, trading post, a fortified wall and more. You can send out spies to see if the neighboring factions are plotting a siege against you. You can attack your enemies in order to loot and secure additional resources in the browser game Crystal of Wisom.

Join the fight against the evil Koh, and earn a reputation as a loyal and brave leader in the fantasy strategy game Crystal of Wisdom.

by Kyle Hayth

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