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Crush Online
What to expect:
  • One Big Game World
  • Three Factions and Many Different Heroes
  • Gameplay like in a MOBA
  • No Matches, but Ongoing War and Battles
  • Continuous Fight over Territories
  • Download Games
  • PvP
  • PvE
  • Online Games
  • PC Games
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Play Crush Online for Free – MMO Meets MOBA Action

How would you feel about MOBA gameplay on a big scale? Forget about single matches, Crush Online features a massive ongoing war!


A massive war is raging in the fantasy world of Gaia. Three factions are competing against each other to take control of the world, and peace is nowhere in sight. Good for you, since that means that you get to experience ongoing multiplayer battles in the free-to-play MMO Crush Online.

MOBA Meets Action-Roleplaying Game

There are many MOBAs (multiplayer online battle arena games) out there, in which two teams of usually five players battle it out against each other on an isolated map. As soon as one team wins, which usually happens between twenty and forty minutes, the match is over. While Crush Online features many MOBA qualities, such as an isometric perspective, which can be found in titles such as League of Legends, Dota 2, or Heroes of the Storm, it sets itself apart from these games in at least one significant way. Instead of fighting against other players in individual matches on rather small maps, you get to freely explore a persistent, massive game world, where an ongoing war is taking place.

At the beginning of your PvP adventure, the Korean developers at JoyImpact ask you to choose one of three available factions. You will be representing your faction at every smaller battle as well as any massive besiegement. A besiegement determines which group gets to take control of specific sectors of Gaia. As in any good MOBA, you can decide which heroes and which weapons you want to choose. Many items can be unlocked, as well as new heroes and weapons. Additionally, you can upgrade the individual abilities of your characters, which are categorized into several classes. Some of them are more skilled at dealing damage while others are classic tanks or traditional support characters.

Win as a Team

As in every MOBA teamwork is essential in Crush Online – whether in battles against other players or against AI opponents. You have the option to join guilds in order to always support your faction into gaining control of Gaia.

Crush Online Screenshots

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Crush Online News

  • Crush Online: Closed Beta Has Started

    06/30/2016 08:19 am - What happens when you combine an MMO with MOBA gameplay? You get the upcoming online game called Crush Online. The Korean development studio JoyImpact is taking the combat system that players might be familiar with from games such as League of Legend...more

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