Crusaders of Solaria
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Crusaders of Solaria
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Crusaders of Solaria Description

Want to uncover the secrets that cloud this fantasy browser game? Then join forces with other players and get ready to jump into battle, head into mysterious dungeons and loot legendary items. Don’t forget to level up your character on the way...


The fantasy world of Crusaders of Solaria is in dire need of a hero that can not only bring justice to the good citizens of this browser game, but also defeat dark creatures that have risen from the underworld. Be the champion that you were destined to become and breeze through new challenges as you level up your character. Learning new spells and gaining experience will significantly increase your chance at winning every battle ahead, especially once you decide on a class specialization. We’re sorry, did we jump forward too quickly? Okay, let’s start at the beginning then.

Crusaders of Solaria is a browser game that allows you to enter a universe which is very different from the real world. Here, magic is a powerful weapon used by both good and evil magicians. If you are interested in giving magical spells a try, choose the Mage class and decide later on whether you would like to take up shadow or frost mastery. Picking the Knight class for your character, however, will put you at the front of the battle and have you slay enemies in close range combat. The Knight has two possible specializations: the Chaos Knight or Paladin. While Chaos Knights are offensive warriors looking to wreak as much havoc as possible, Paladins are more like holy guardians that call upon the help of divine spirits to protect themselves as well as allies. Your choice!

From simple zombies to wolf axmen: Many difficult challenges await you in this free-to-play title. Would you rather explore unknown territory and delve into dark dungeons or group up with friends in player-versus-player arena combat? Lucky for you, Crusaders of Solaria offers both. Daily tasks and repeatable quests will help your character level up more quickly and unlock legendary weapons, armor, and artifacts which will grant you a much-needed boost against tough boss monsters.

Crusaders of Solaria Screenshots

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