Crossout: Action 2.0 – Unlimited Respawns in New Mode

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Gaijin Entertainment’s Crossout is currently in its closed beta phase, and the developers are actively working on new features behind the scenes to improve the player experience. The latest game update brought quite a few interesting changes to the online game that mixes Mad Max with Pimp My Ride. The new PvP game mode called Free for All allows players to selfishly and recklessly battle it out against each other. The main goal of the new mode is to be the first to destroy ten enemies. It’s not the end of the world to be destroyed in this game mode, as players have unlimited respawns to complete their goal.

Aside from that, the studio improved crafting in the latest game update. If players have three identical items, they can combine them to create a new one with a random effect added or stat improved. The developers are currently collecting feedback from their community to come up with possible effects that can be added through item fusion. Players can not only combine weapons, but also paint cans or other modules.

Last but not least, the folks over at Gaijin Entertainment thoroughly worked on the online game's balancing, which will always be an ongoing process. The update is available for all closed beta participants.

Source: Official game homepage

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