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What to expect:
  • Design your Own Deadly Vehicle
  • Play Online for Free with your Friends
  • Fully Customisable Weapons and Decorations
  • Multiple Fast-Paced Game Modes
  • View Other Players' Creations in the Gallery
  • Download Games
  • Online Games
  • PvP
  • Gaijin
  • Post-Apocalyptic
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Crossout Description

Craft your own battle vehicle, add new parts, and unlock gadgets and weapons in Crossout, a new game that's bound to give you the thrill of your life!


If you have been looking for a game that’s a mix between a classic tank shooter (we don’t want to say names) and the infamous Twisted Metal franchise, your search may have come to an end. Crossout is a free-to-play online game that allows you to get behind the wheel of an armored vehicle and go up against friends, foes or strangers in deathmatch battles. Sure, there are several objectives to complete while cruising through a map, but the one thing that will always put you right on top of the winner’s podium is the will to survive and destroy others. Sounds harsh, but that’s the Crossout life!

Victory is not only achieved by violently crashing your car into other players in Crossout. Every participating party also has an arsenal of weapons at their disposal ranging from simple machine guns to rocket launchers. The more oomph, the better! What weapon is available to you in the free-to-play game depends on what you decide to spend your in-game resources on. Unlock new gadgets as you win matches and reign supreme on the post-apocalyptic wastelands of Gaijin Entertainment’s action game! Picking up spare parts or debris can also help you out a great deal when preparing for battle, as you have access to your very own workshop which you can visit to tinker and craft new items.

Crossout vehicles are not your everyday automobiles, mind you. They are armored vehicles ready to take a beating (quite literally) and protect you, the driver, from harm. They will be damaged in the process though, so it’s up to you to keep your ride in top shape. Knowing when and where to strike in these multiplayer PvP battles is of utmost importance and can help you win the game, as the MMO has a damage model in place that recognizes where vehicles are hit. This allows players to strategically destroy certain parts to get ahead.

Crossout is a free-to-play online game that’s available for Windows computers.

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Crossout News

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