CrossFire: Travel into Deep Space with Latest Update

11/17/2011 09:19 am in News

Publishers G4BOX released an update today which opens up the mysteries of deep space for the players of the free-to-play military shooter, CrossFire. Not only is there a new place for you to explore, there are even Thanksgiving-themed weapons and equipment!


Released today, the update which hit the servers of CrossFire has given players a bunch more to do and explore in the free-to-play military shooter. The biggest addition of the update is the new Team Deathmatch map known as "Orbital Station".

The new map will take players into deep space and let them duke it out as they vie for the chance to claim the cosmos as their own. It features low-gravity game play, adding a completely new dimension to the high-action shooter.

In addition to the new map, there are also four new weapons available in CrossFire. The Gold AWM, SCAR Heavy, M4A-1-S and the LE300 ML. These new weapons are powerful and some of them even have special camouflage skins!

Source: Game homepage
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