Creatures Online
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Creatures Online
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Creatures Online Description

Explore the world of artificial life and breed cute Norns in the free-to-play game Creatures Online! You will teach them everything they need to know and watch them play with colorful Critters.


Tired of playing farm games? Then take a look at the fun online game Creatures Online! You will find no cows or chickens, but fluffy artificial animals called Norns. They come with fully developed DNA which you can analyze and then use to breed new variations in the Hatchery, the first place you get to see in Creatures Online. It’s perfectly safe there and there are no dangers to be seen anywhere. That’s important because you need to focus on the breeding process. In the game, you are provided with an advanced diagnostic system, allowing you to create new types of Norns.

Once your Norns are born, they immediately begin to grow and learn new things every minute. There are many different Norns in Creatures Online, with a variety of skills and abilities. You decide which profession they should learn and send them on an adventureous journey through a colorful world. Explore different settings, such as a beach or a tree house, and meet the wild animals who live there. They are called Critters. It’s fun to watch them interact and play with your Norns!

In the course of the game you gather experience. The more experience points you collect, the more features and animals are unlocked. Creatures Online is a free online game, which means that you can play the game completely for free, without spending a single dime if you don't want to.
As a man or woman of science, it is also your job to ensure the safety and health of the Norns. If one of them gets sick, make sure to pick the right medicine!

Creatures Online will not only be available on PCs, but also on mobile devices with iOS or Android. It’s designed as a cross-platform game, meaning that you can play at home and then continue raising your Norns on your smartphone while you’re outside. So there are no excuses to let your Norns get bored! Feed them, play with them and watch them evolve!

Creatures Online Screenshots

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