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Crazy Tao
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Crazy Tao Description

This free-to-play role-playing online game has elements of Chinese culture and history, intertwined with an exciting and colorful fantasy dimension...


In the MMORPG Crazy Tao there has been a long history of war between justice and evil. After the disappearance of both the kind King of Animals and the evil Deathless Demon, there was hope for the citizens of Crazy Tao, but little did they know that the war had only just begun. Take on the lurking evil monsters and bravely defend the nation from death and destruction.

There are two playable character classes in the role-playing game Crazy Tao: Warrior and Mage. The Warrior is determined and righteous, continually striving for success, fame and fortune. The Mage is somewhat pessimistic, but also hard-working, responsible and strong, excelling in the field of magic. The client-based game Crazy Tao has a number of fun and exciting features to keep you busy, including a pet system, endless quests, as well as the ability to raise a family, join a legion or marry another player.

Players have the chance to obtain either a Warrior or a Mage pet to keep them company as they embark on challenging quests and participate in epic PvP and PvE battles. Your pet also has skills that can be upgraded with experience, as is the case with your player. Legions in the role-playing game Crazy Tao are powerful and can be advantageous in overcoming enemy players and evil monsters. Legion leaders are diplomatically voted in by other players, taking on various responsibilities and up for receiving various special rewards.

Discover the exciting world of Crazy Tao as you take on enemy monsters, complete thrilling quests and make new friends.

by Kyle Hayth

Crazy Tao Screenshots

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