Crazy Hair Salon
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Crazy Hair Salon
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Crazy Hair Salon Description

Do you want to become a hairstylist? This hair salon might just be the right place for you to unleash your creativity! Delve into this fun and colorful mobile game and be the artist you were meant to be...


If there’s one adjective that accurately describe this hair salon, it’s crazy! If you thought blond and brunette were fun hair colors, wait until you check out what this mobile game has to offer. Do anything your heart desires in order to make your clients look as amazing as possible. In Crazy Hair Salon, you become an artist for hair who can do anything that you would expect from a hair stylist - and more! The mobile game allows you to go crazy and make your customer’s dreams come true.

The fashion game is set in a hair salon. You get to choose one of four different girls who are in dire need of a haircut and new hairstyle. These girls really experience the worst kind of bad-hair-day that you can possibly imagine. They have frizz, split ends, and boring hair colors. Lucky for them, they came to you to change that! You will quickly find remedies for their unfortunate hair situation in this fun game. Use the curling iron to give anyone voluminous curls! You can also choose to go to the opposite end by using the straightener. This will even get rid of the most persistent curls. If you think that any of your girls would do well with a haircut, you should take the professional pair of scissors and give them a cute bob! Don’t worry about making mistakes that you can’t reverse. We told you above that you can do even more than is possible in real life. If you’re not happy with your customer’s short hair, simply choose the growing spray to regrow their hair.

Next up is hair colors in Crazy Hair Salon. The fashion game allows you to give your customer any hair color you can think of! Who wants to look like the norm anymore? Go wild with all colors of the rainbow, and if you feel like it, you can even combine several colors at once. Make your customer look like a beautiful unicorn.

How do you do any of this? Crazy Hair Salon features intuitive touchscreen controls. Swipe and tap to tend to your clients’ hair. Your possibilities are nearly endless in this free mobile game for Android and iOS devices.

Crazy Hair Salon Screenshots

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