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CrazyGremlins Description

Don’t let their size and appearances deceive you – their short stature is definitely compensated with a fierce bite and an eagerness for combat! The world of gremlins awaits you...


Blending role-playing, combat, and leisure, the fantasy online game CrazyGremlins gives you endless entertainment choice. Upon starting the game, you must choose between three different gremlin characters, naming your preferred choice with a quirky screen name. Following this stage you begin your adventure in the mysterious world of gremlins. You can then customize your gremlin with one of several dark, funky and plain scary designs. There are endless quests, fights, and mysteries to uncover in the MMORPG CrazyGremlins – your mission is to become the craziest of all!

Pay a visit to the CrazyGremlins arena and challenge other gremlins to an action-packed fight, or simply go to the tavern to accept various thrilling quests. Gremlins that are victorious in fights will be rewarded and even have the chance to make it to the renowned hall of fame list! Quests and missions that are completed will also be rewarded with various points and wages, which can then be used to purchase exciting items and equipment from the marketplace.

At the CrazyGremlins marketplace you will find helmets, gloves, weaponry, armory, shoes and amulets available for purchase. These items will help your gremlin in battle, and will help to make him even crazier! In the free-to-play MMORPG gremlins can even get their own job in order to gain access to precious items quicker. Socialize and connect with other players using the in-game chat system or meet with friends at the Playground.

by Kyle Hayth

CrazyGremlins Screenshots

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