Crazy Chicken Combat
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Crazy Chicken Combat
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Crazy Chicken Combat Description

Take your weapon in hand and jump into a browser game full of your enemies. With an eye on the prize at all times and a little bit of luck, you can quickly become the master of the hunt!


The Crazy Chicken Combat is ready to begin in this free-to-play browser game. Dive into a colorful, 3D world with crazy animations and fun scenery. In the free-to-play browser game, Crazy Chicken Combat, you won’t only meet other feathered friends, but fluffy sheep, kooky cows and just plain wonky geese. Just make sure that you always have your weapon ready, because there are enemies waiting around every corner...

In the crazy world of Crazy Chicken Combat, you will equip your avian-character with many different weapons. Even on your very first tour of the 3D world, you will encounter some uppity sheep, which you must eliminate immediately or suffer the repercussions. Only if you shoot first will you have a chance at survival.

Not only do you have the chance to equip yourself with some pretty hefty firepower in Crazy Chicken Combat, you can also customize the outfit of your character. This way, you can run around the neighborhood in a fancy knight's costume or perhaps a hearty farmer costume. Some costumes will even improve the abilities of your character, so you can think of your outfit as an investment!

Battle is tough and no one knows that like the blacksmith. Take your weapons to the blacksmith in Crazy Chicken Combat to let him repair them for you. Meanwhile, you can take a look in the shop and find other items which can be helpful in your fight against the enemies who are just waiting out there for you!

by Kyle Hayth

Crazy Chicken Combat Screenshots

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