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Crashdrive 3D
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Crashdrive 3D Description

An exciting racing game in 3D awaits you here! The only thing you need to play this multiplayer online game directly in your browser is the unity web player. No further installation required...


The free-to-play online racing game Crashdrive 3D gives you the chance to prove your skill as a racing driver. You don’t have to download a game client to play. All you need is the unity web player and enjoy amazing three-dimensional graphics directly on the web browser.

There are many different vehicles to choose from. At the beginning you have little money (so called Crashdrive credits) and, therefore, you can only afford the cheaper cars. With the arrow keys of your keyboard you steer your vehicle (car, bus or truck) through water and across different landscapes, uphill and downhill.

The goal of the web game Crashdrive 3D is to collect as many credits as possible by doing great stunts and winning events. The more credits you collect, the more vehicles you can purchase. In the sum, there are 51 different vehicles to unlock.

In Crashdrive 3D you don’t play alone but with many other virtual racers. In random multiplayer events you get to prove you are the best crashdriver of all time. There are two huge maps and a lot of fascinating challenges to explore. Your scores are automatically compared to those of the others. With a bit practice and a fast vehicle you will soon rise to become to most successful online racer of Crashdrive 3D.

by Kyle Hayth

Crashdrive 3D Screenshots

Crashdrive 3D Screenshot-0Crashdrive 3D Screenshot-1Crashdrive 3D Screenshot-2Crashdrive 3D Screenshot-3Crashdrive 3D Screenshot-4Crashdrive 3D Screenshot-5Crashdrive 3D Screenshot-6Crashdrive 3D Screenshot-7Crashdrive 3D Screenshot-8Crashdrive 3D Screenshot-9
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