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Craft of Gods
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Craft of Gods Description

Dive into the Slavic mythology and experience exciting adventures in a completely uncharted world. Create your personal character and face the upcoming battles…


Craft of Gods is the newest- and the so far biggest- project of the Italian publisher Kalicanthus. The game was developed by the Russian game studio Cyberdemons. The game is greatly inspired by Slavic mythology. There are six different races in the client-based online game which belong to three different factions. You can choose from ‘Light‘, ‘dark’ or ‘Neutral‘for a variety of playing options.

Unlike other MMORPGs, the skills of your characters are not determined from the beginning. Rather, you have the opportunity to learn each skill in one of the 14 schools. Pick from different fields, such as close combat, magic or defense. It’s totally up to you whether you create a classic specialized character or an individual hybrid.

All that matters is that you have the ability to survive in the dangerous world of Craft of Gods. On 25 different maps countless adventures, challenges and monsters await you. Furthermore, each map features three dungeons.

But there is even more to explore in Craft of Gods. There is a sophisticated crafting and housing system. Also, you can not only ally with guilds, but you have the option to start a family. On your way through Akvilon you’ll come across many different creatures. You can tame most of them and use them as riding animals. You can even fight from the back of your animals, no matter whether it’s a cow or a deer.

by Kyle Hayth

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