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Cosmic League
What to expect:
  • Multiplayer Action with 10 vs 10 Matches
  • Anime Look with Sci-Fi Elements
  • Various Classes and Abilities
  • Ranking for Beginners and Advanced Players
  • Play against Other Players or AI
  • Download Games
  • Online Games
  • PC Games
  • PvP
  • PvE
Age group

Play Cosmic League – Free-to-Play Multiplayer Fun

When anime girls go up against ruthless robots in a battle arena, you know you are in for some fun! Be part of the action in Cosmic League!


Cosmic League is a free-to-play action game in which you can go up against other players or challenging AI. Don’t be fooled by the MOBA’s colorful anime graphics, though! The online game boasts quite some thrilling action. Cosmic League might strike you as a little strange at first, considering that cute looking girls are fighting against very intimidating robots. You might even think that the human characters stand no chance at defeating their mechanical enemies, but think again!

The female protagonists can definitely hold their own against those pesky mech-bots! Each of them has powerful special abilities and can make use of a wide array of weapons to take on any enemy. Naturally, the robots will defend themselves against their human counterparts by dealing as much damage as possible. There are several classes in Cosmic League, each of which takes on a different function within a team. You can choose between unerring assassins who can deal a lot of damage, resilient tanks who can withstand a lot of damage, or support characters. As a participant in the arena, you can not only move around on the ground, but also soar through the sky.

Good Teamwork Is Rewarded in Cosmic League

It is of utmost importance that players thoroughly communicate with each other in the multiplayer game. Single players won’t get very far in Cosmic League, but cooperative gameplay is richly rewarded.

Cosmic League features various different leagues that you can participate in. You will begin your journey in the science-fiction game in the Rookie League, which is specifically for beginners. Soon, you will be able to unlock more advanced leagues and fight against the best of the best. While the multiplayer game relies mostly on your skill for succeeding in a match, there are also acts of nature beyond control that will influence the outcome of a battle. You might be surprised by meteorites that can change the terrain forcing you to adapt yourself to the new situation. Cosmic League also features numerous boxes that are scattered across each map containing valuable items. Collect as many as you can to improve your characters.

Cosmic League Screenshots

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