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Cosmic Break
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Cosmic Break Description

Explore the mysterious Cosmic Ark as one of three tough and unique robot classes. Action, guns, fighting and friendships await you in this first person shooter...


Cosmic Break is a client-based third person shooter game set in a fantasy robotic world. Discover the vast and dangerous world of Cosmic Ark as one of over 50 playable robots in one of three powerful unions. The Shooter Cosmic Break features unique anime-style graphics, epic PvP arena battles and several game modes to experience.

You start out the shooter game Cosmic Break by selecting your robot, customizing it with over 300 mixable parts, and deciding on the paints for each piece of your robot. Each part can have up to three different exciting colors, allowing players to show off their personal style through their robot.

Once you have designed your robot, you are able to choose which union you will side with in the exciting first person robotic shooter Cosmic Break. The three unions include Bladine, Dostrex and Wizdom. Guardians of the Bladine union are bold, brave and courageous, and believe in justice and loyalty. Strong morals and a fierce loyalty are displayed in combat, when taking on their enemies. The guardians of the Dostrex union are strong and powerful, relying on sheer strength to overcome their adversaries. They are valiant fighters who know their own strength and will never pick on a weaker target in the name of honor. Guardians of the Wizdom union are knowledgeable and intelligent, relying on strategy and tactics to outsmart their opponents.

There are three combative game modes in the online game Cosmic Break, including the Arena Mode, Mission Mode and Quest Mode. The Arena Mode involves intense 30 vs 30 battles against other players, union wars and team fights. The Mission Mode encompasses cooperation with other players to bring down the oppressively evil Chaos Army. The Quest Mode features expeditions to unchartered and often dangerous parts of the thrilling Cosmic Break world.

by Kyle Hayth

Cosmic Break Screenshots

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