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Cooking Master
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Cooking Master Description

Cook up a storm by using delicious ingredients and manning the stove in this free gaming app! Nothing keeps impatient customers in check like the promise of delicious food, so make sure they won't regret waiting in line. Keep your eyes on the clock...


Cooking Master is a mobile gaming app that delivers on its name: Here, you get to learn the ways of a virtual chef and whip up fantastic dishes as you serve hungry customers. Different ingredients are available to you - pick the ones you need, throw them in the pan and conjure up tasty treats to boost your income and keep your business going. A neat little timer will always keep you informed of how much longer your food needs to stay on the stove. Overcooking meat or burning pastry in this free-to-play app will require you to start over. You know what that means? That the people who lined up to taste your culinary masterpieces will have to wait even longer. Their patience only goes so far...

You gain experience as you tap your way to success in Cooking Master. The cooking game has two different game modes for you to choose from: Casual and Time. Both offer challenging puzzles for newbies and veteran chefs, but Time Mode is certainly where players will have to roll up their sleeves and giver their everything. Are you capable of feeding all customers before they leave, angry with the lousy service you provided? Then prove it to the gaming world by reaching a new highscore and adding your legacy to the online leaderboard in this mobile game for girls and boys.

From juicy tomatoes to fresh fish: Nothing is off limits in Cooking Master. The customer will always be king, even if certain individuals decide upon ordering donuts with a side of raw onions. It is up to you to master the stove and respect the ingredients by cooking them to perfection. To get started, we recommend seeing what Casual Mode has to offer. Three distinct difficulty settings are available to you in this casual mobile game if you feel like upping the ante and serving more customers than in other apps of the same genre (Diner Dash, Restaurant Story).

Cooking Master is available for Android mobile phones and tablets.

Cooking Master Screenshots

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