Game of the Day: Cooking Fever (iOS)

02/07/2015 04:55 am by Anna Radak in Game of the DaySimulationCasual

Colorful platformers, styling apps, and endless runners: The gaming industry is bursting at the seams with silly, little mobile games. And by silly I mean fun, entertaining games that give gamers and non-gamers alike a way to wind down and keep themselves busy. Something that has kept me busy for the last few weeks is Cooking Fever, a time management game disguised as a cooking adventure. As a hardcore gamer of the PC master race (just kidding!), I was a bit hesitant to dive into the free-to-play app in my free time and explore the world of Flo, a spunky restaurateur looking for a helping hand.

Cooking Fever is pretty easy to explain. My goal here is to open up a whole bunch of new restaurants, each unlocked with in-game resources. How do I do that? By serving hungry customers and getting all orders right in as little time as possible, raking in tips and positive reviews. I start my career as a line cook by baking cakes: By swiping my finger across the touchscreen of my iPad, I choose the dough; pick the frosting; select a fancy little peach, strawberry or blueberry topping. Once the culinary creation is done, it’s ready to serve. Other establishments offer sushi, pizza or seafood. Different ingredients, same process.

Uh oh. I better step up my game...

Sure, Cooking Fever may not be the pinnacle of gaming as we know it, but that's okay. It's not trying to be. What distinguishes the mobile game from other cooking apps is the fact that it's not only easy on the eyes, but also features fun gameplay mechanics. I'm in control of what goes onto the plate and which upgrades to purchase. Finishing a level with the best possible rating - three golden stars - feels rewarding and encourages me to jump into new gourmet missions, anticipating what dishes I would have to prepare next. It's fun, it's silly, it's casual. 'Nuff said.

Cooking Fever is free-to-play and available on iPhones and iPads.

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