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Cooking Fever
What to expect:
  • Play more than 350 levels in this cooking game
  • Experiment with more than 100 ingredients to create more than 400 dishes
  • Explore more than 10 unique locations
  • Create all kinds of dishes ranging from fast food to sushi
  • Play the game for free on your iOS or Android device
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  • PvE
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Play Cooking Fever to Become a Great Chef

Have you got a fever or is it getting hot in here? Perhaps it's the heat from the stoves in Cooking Fever. Test your abilities in the kitchen!


It seems there is a mobile cooking craze going on, what with Cooking Dash and Cooking Master making their way to our mobiles and tablets. Cooking Fever adds to this list of casual cooking games and will have you serving up dishes from around the world as you fight to keep your cool, making sure your customers leave your restaurant with a smile on their face and a full stomach. Whether you are looking to improve your culinary skills or you simply love whipping up tasty treats, this simulation game named Cooking Fever will surely leave your mouth watering.

Available for iOS and Android mobiles and tablets, this game will have you licking your lips as your prepare dozens of delicious dishes. Don't succumb to the pressure as the queue of hungry customers grows, all wanting a taste of your yummy food. You can make anything from hot dogs, to burgers, to gourmet steaks. Your guests deserve the best so it's up to you to make sure they get it!

Cooking Fever is not just a game about cooking, but also about time management. Keep it together while preparing multiple dishes at the same time, juggling all the ingredients while taking orders from starving guests. Each menu item requires a different amount of time to create so you'll have to come up with a strategy for which to cook first. Just make sure you don't burn anything as you control over 8 hot hobs, each sizzling away with a different type of food.

This free-to-play app will test your knowledge of different cuisines as you make over 250 dishes, from oriental food, to pizza, to pastries, to seafood. What is more, it invites you to run and maintain over 5 different establishments, from fast-food diners to Italian restaurants. Make sure each business is up-to-date and clean. Buy new appliances or update the ones you have to create a wider variety of dishes that will attract more customers. Keep them sweet by offering freebies, but be careful not to give too much away! You have a business to run, after all.

Cooking Fever Screenshots

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