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Cooking Dash
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Cooking Dash Description

Play on the go in this fast-paced mobile game and juggle the chaos of cooking, serving and cleaning, while ensuring all your customers' needs are met. Running a restaurant has never been easier, or has it? Find out by helping out Flo, the busy bee...


Get ready for a nerve-wracking free-to-play game that highlights the culinary craziness behind the scenes at most restaurants. With action-packed levels that require focus and excellent organisation skills, you will never have a spare minute to your day as you dive straight into the catering industry. Your are tasked with cooking, cleaning, and serving food to your customers, while managing your staff and making sure that everything is running smoothly. Grandma is in the kitchen to lend a helping hand, but will that be enough to stay afloat and feed all of your hungry guests?

With gameplay that is similar to other cooking titles such as Cooking Master and Dinner Dash, you will need lighting-quick reactions and the ability to multitask if you want to make it through the stages in this free-to-play mobile game. Feel the heat as Cooking Dash's levels become increasingly challenging, running not one, not two, but more than three restaurants. Keep the culinary hero Flo from having a nervous breakdown by staying on top of the workload and ensuring that everything gets done. If you succeed in keeping your all-important customers happy, who knows, they might just leave you a nice big tip!

Manage your restaurants and shop for upgrades to their appliances, including super-charged machinery and fancier decor. Play in themed restaurants and prepare different cuisines from around the world. Take on the unique challenges that come with managing different types of restaurants, from preparing fish dishes, to making pizza, to making healthy meals for health conscious customers. New dishes are continuously added to the menus, making the game more challenging. As the list of menu items increases, you will have to adopt new strategies to ensure that each paying customer is fed and watered in the world of Cooking Dash.

This game is available for iOS and Android mobile phones and tablets. Use the touch screen of your mobile devices to navigate your way around the restaurants, seat your customers, and prepare the food.

Cooking Dash Screenshots

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