Continent of the Ninth Seal
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Continent of the Ninth Seal
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Continent of the Ninth Seal Description

Face off against huge hordes of monsters in this action-packed online game. In countless battles, you will have to prove yourself, as you are the last hope for a lost world.


In the action role-playing game Continent of the Ninth Seal (C9), you stand as the last bastion of hope between the complete and utter destruction of the online fantasy world. You have only a little bit of time left to stop the impending doom of everyone and everything you love. Your goal – the Continent of the Nine. There you will find a gate into the world of the monsters and where you can strike back against them before they bring your world to ruin.

As a student of martial arts and full-time hero you can master impressive abilities in the client-based game, Continent of the Ninth Seal. However, just by wanting to do something you won’t be able to get to your goal. You will have to practice with powerful weapons and collect rare armors along your journeys to be ready for any situation at any time. This way, you will have the opportunity to unleash mighty attacks on your opponents.

On your journey you will also come across countless heroes and it would be wise to be open to them. Forge an alliance with other characters in order to create a strong group of heroes. That way, you will have someone who is ready to stand at your side in the case of an emergency and you can react to the situation together. Even in the PvP battles in Continent of the Ninth Seal, it is important to have allies at your side.

Prevent the monsters from destroying your beloved world of Tampera and find out what the story of the Continent of the Ninth Seal has in store for you.

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