Conquest of Champions
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Conquest of Champions
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Conquest of Champions Description

If you like strategic RPG style board games, then look no further! Battle it out in the different game modes of this free-to-play fantasy game. Play as one of the numerous menacing Heroes as you engage in turn based combat against your opponent.


Conquest of Champions is a free-to-play card game with over 150 collectible cards. Put your deck of cards to the test and engage in a fight to the death in this turn based online game. Build your personal technique and develop your strategy to defeat your enemy. Fuse your duplicate or unused cards to level up and strengthen your units developing a powerful defense and a mean attack!

This free-to-play game has three different factions and each faction has two heroes and three game modes. Choose to play as either dwarf, elf, or demon as you go at it alone in a single player campaign, or battle it out in real-time PvP. Summon fully animated creatures and bring your cards to life, casting hellish spells and wielding powerful weapons.

Similar to chess, Conquest of Champions invites players to take turns in dealing their next move with the main goal of defeating your enemies' heroes. Card decks comprise of at least 30 cards, resulting in endless options for unique tactics and strategies. Craft rare cards by collecting sets of component cards, such as crafting elusive and powerful dragons. This also allows you to put together a list of special cards to get unique items that you can use in the match, such as healing potions.

Conquest of Champions has 3 unique maps that all differ in their layout, offering players the chance to use new battle plans to defeat their enemies. The matches that you win will increase your ranking and provide you with rewards to use in your next battle.

Collect gold and crystals to purchase new heroes and decks in this unique strategy game. When you have saved up enough resources you can improve your heroes by equipping them with new weapons and armory. Furthermore, each hero transcends to 'epic form' when you have saved up over 10 resources, making them much more powerful and adding yet another layer of strategy to the game.

This RPG style game is available as a free-to-play download for Mac and Windows.

Conquest of Champions Screenshots

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