Conflict of Nations
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Conflict of Nations
What to expect:
  • Modern military style battles in real time
  • Redefine and create new country borders in our world
  • Every possible combat tool at your disposal, from helicopters to troops
  • Realistic wartime choices making for total victory
  • Browser Games
  • Strategy
  • Platform
  • Topic
  • War
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Occupy in a Conflict of Nations and declare Modern Warfare

Plunge your chosen military forces in Conflict of Nations and declare strategic modern warfare across the globe in real combat time.


Have you ever wanted to discover what it’s like for our world military leaders to make those hard decisions during times of war? Now you don’t have to wonder with free Conflict of Nations: Modern Warfare. No more dealing with silly health potions or pointy-eared elves fighting with magic. You want your troops equipped with tanks, subs, and guns to strategically defeat your known enemies in the grittiest, most realistic way set in our very own world. Have you ever imagined being part of the global brigades destroying evil governments who rule their people cruelly without remorse? Imagine no more! In Conflict of Nations, you can even choose nuclear weapons to obliterate your enemies and remind them of where they belong.

In free-to-play Conflict of Nations, you can conquer the world in a real-time combat system. Beginning in the 1980s Cold War era and ranging into current day fighting with advanced military technology, you are put into control of a preexisting military force from one chosen nation. Each one of these nations has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, so choose wisely depending on your preferred playstyle.

Develop Your Nation's Economy and Technology in Conflict of Nations!

Dominate the world and conquer other players in your way in real time, adding to the deep level of realism as you fulfill your assigned battle missions. Make sure to thoroughly plan and research each mission, so you can blast your enemies away with no fear of losing. Remember that modern war is about logistics and planning your most devastating attacks. Each of your nations in Conflict of Nations must be carefully planned and developed to ensure you develop economic efficiency and a technological advantage over your opponents.

In Conflict of Nations, you get to enjoy the tactical aspects of warfare without the devastating effects real war has on innocent people. Make the world a better place in the free-to-play browser game.

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