Company of Heroes Online: Open Beta Coming to an End

02/02/2011 05:06 am in News

The Open Beta testing phase of the free-to-play strategy game, Company of Heroes Online, will soon be coming to a close. Publishers THQ announced that with the end of the Beta, they are going to take a step back and evaluate the future of the Company of Heroes franchise.
Company of Heroes Online

Company of Heroes Online

THQ has announced that the Open Beta testing will be ending on the 31st of March. After a period of testing with successful updates and fixes to the game, the team is going to close the Beta so that they may evaluate the future of the franchise.

As of yesterday, you will no longer be able to purchase Company of Heroes Online Cash. Those of you that have already purchased Cash, you will have the opportunity to spend it until March 31st, the end of the testing period.

The team has thanked all of those who participated in the Beta and would like to show their gratitude for your hard work and effort. They will be giving out coupons to the Beta participants to receive the full retail version of Company of Heroes for a price of $4.99 in the THQ Online store.

Source: Game homepage
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