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Combat Arms
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Combat Arms Description

You're in the army now! Become a brave soldier to fight for your life and for the survival of your team. This online shooter requires steady nerves and quick reactions...


The free-to-play MMO shooter Combat Arms is for tough players only with a knack for killing games only. Create a character that fits every critera of what you think they should look like, choose your weapons (and unlock new ones along the way) and customize your equipment in this FPS. There are dozens of guns and firearms for you to collect, for example rifles, shotguns, grenades and mines. Keep in mind that you will be able to switch between different setups as you play, always able to adjust to different situations and game modes.

Whichever scenario you are thrown into is up to you. In Combat Arms, the conflicts never end. There will always be a hostile soldier that needs to be eliminated before he or she gets a chance to kill you. What is most important in this online game is for you to keep your finger on the trigger, ready to assassinate the opposing target and achieve victory. Packing heat is not the only way to win, though, as you will have to follow different battle tactics and communicate with your team in order to score points and bring home the coveted trophies.

In the massively multiplayer online game Combat Arms, you have the opportunity to fight fierce battles with up to 15 friends. There are many different settings awaiting you and your brothers-in-arms: Explore jungles, wastelands, frozen tundras and many others areas with the help of allies and other soldiers.

Combat Arms features modifiable weapons, a sophisticated clan system, several game modes (known as mission types) and combat settings. As a soldier in this MMOFPS, you have a certain rank which increases as you complete missions. You earn experience points through each fulfilled task or successful fight. The higher your rank, the more prestige you get and the more features you are allowed to use. Starting the game as a recruit, you have the chance to progress to a lieutenant or even a general.

by Kyle Hayth

Combat Arms Screenshots

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Combat Arms News

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    02/07/2013 06:10 am - In its 4th year of live play, Combat Arms is making the leap to live eSport competitions, broadcast live via the website for ESL,...more

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