Cocolani Island
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Cocolani Island
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Cocolani Island Description

A tropical paradise awaits you and your future tribe in this free-to-play browser game. Explore a mysterious island and discover secrets while fighting other tribes in fun PvP battles...


Cocolani is a browser-based MMO in which you create your own avatar and join a tribe. Design your tribal mask and customize your look to have a one-of-kind character. The world around you is a tropical paradise which makes exploring the island a fun experience.

Assist the other locals around Cocolani Island in order to earn coins. These coins can be spent to get cool items for your avatar or better yet, if you rent a house on the island, you can buy furniture or more house decorations to give it a more unique look.

Cocolani Island has tons of minigames for you to play. Ranging from classic games, including Mah Jong among others, to racing, there is always something to do. But don’t forget that you are not alone.

There is also some PvP action on Cocolani Island. You have the opportunity to challenge other players in tribal battles in designated PvP zones. Go toe-to-toe and prove that your tribe is the best one on the entire island.

Cocolani Island gets you stranded in paradise. You create a character, join a tribe and play fun games as you explore and discover the island itself. Take on other players in inventive tribal battles and prove that you’re the best!

by Kyle Hayth

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