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Coasterado Description

Has it always been your dream to have your very own theme park? Well, in this free-to-play online game your dreams can come true as you have complete control of your very own park!


Everyone has thought that having their own theme park would be great – whether as a child or an adult. No lines, all the food you can eat and you get to plan everything. In the free-to-play, browser-based title Coasterado, you can do just that. You are the manager of your very own theme park and you get to call the shots.

When being the manager of a theme park, you have a lot of stuff to get done in your everyday workload. You will have to make sure the guests are satisfied by building new venues and structures that will meet their needs, ensure the safety of your guests and plan the future of your fun empire.

The future means making sure to plan in new attractions. Attractions bring in visitors and visitors bring in money! Without new attractions, your park could quickly find itself on the list of “don’t visit” parks.

Of course, it isn’t all work and no play in Coasterado. As the manager, you also get to design your very own rollercoasters. Yes, that’s right – designing your own rollercoasters. You can let your creativity run wild and devise the most wicked, heart-stopping rides the world has ever seen and they will be exclusively at your park.
One way to make sure that your rides and attractions all come together to create one harmonious theme park of fun is to choose a “slogan”. By choosing a slogan - such as thrilling, fun, etc… - you will attract even more hardcore fans which will actually increase your income.

The better your park does, the more opportunities you will have to improve your park. You can unlock new elements and achievements that will show the virtual world of Coasterado that you have what it takes to be a real theme park manager.

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