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Cloud Nine
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Cloud Nine Description

Enter a world full of magic and fantasy in this free-to-play online game. Make friends, explore dungeons and master a crafting skill to become one of the top players around!


Cloud Nine is a free-to-play client game that will take you to a place just waiting to be explored. Siding with one of two factions, you will fight to bring the glory of victory to your nation and claim the lands as your own.

When first starting out on your way to becoming a hero, you must choose one of six different playable races. Each race has a different backstory and abilities, making them all unique. Choose wisely and you can have a character that fits your play style perfectly. Of course, you will then have to choose a class from the swift hunter to the powerful cleric, there are also six different classes for you to choose from. Depending on how you would like to play, you choose one of these classes and begin to master the skills.

Cloud Nine also features an extensive pet system which allows you to always have a loyal companion at your side. You pets can even use special skills and abilities as they fight alongside you during some of the most intense battles and have the ability to level up, just like your character. After a certain level, the pet can even be evolved, upgrading the creature to new levels of power.

If you find yourself needing friends or comrades in tough times, you can join up with or create a guild in Cloud Nine. A guild provides you with a group of people who work together to accomplish guild quests and take down the toughest monsters. Each guild has their own emblem and receives a guild page on the game website that allows members to stay connected.

Cloud Nine features a comprehensive crafting system that allows players to not only collect resources, but apply them to items as well. This means you can craft some of the most powerful armors and weapons in the game through hard work and determination.

Create a character and explore a world full of danger in the fight for one for your faction. Defeat monsters, find friends and reap the rewards of your hard work in the form of powerful items. You must master your skills and claim the lands for your nation once and for all!

by Kyle Hayth

Cloud Nine Screenshots

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