Clone Wars Adventures
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Clone Wars Adventures
What to expect:
  • Delve into the Clone Wars in this free online game
  • Meet your favorite characters from the Star Wars universe
  • Level up your character and become a strong warrior
  • Join a side and fight against your opponents
  • Team up with other players
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  • Science-Fiction
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Clone Wars Adventures: Play the Free Online Game for Free

Form alliances with friends and take on your enemies in the mighty empire as you experience all the action-packed excitement in Clone Wars Adventures.


Clone Wars Adventures brings you face to face with all the much loved characters from the Star Wars series – including the wise Yoda, the brave Anakin Skywalker, the heroic Obi-Wan Kenobi and the brave Ahsoka Tano. In Clone Wars Adventures, you can play either as a Padawan, Jedi, Clone or Trooper. Select your character and determine your destiny. Cruise through the vast skies in Star Fighter, test your skills in one of the numerous mini games and connect with friends and players using the extensive networking system.

Fight in impressive intergalactic wars and test your strategic skills as you take on the reckless Battle Droids. Claim victory over your enemies and reap the rewards. Show off your trophies to friends in your very own house – host house parties and invite other friends and players along. Make new allies using the unique chat system, and strive for the top of the Clone Wars Adventures leader boards. View other individual profile pages, share tips and gloat about success stories.

In Clone Wars Adventures you’re able to keep your own loyal droid companion. The droids are fully customizable with cool and quirky attachments. Your own character can be decked out in various stylish Star Wars outfits. Reveal your character to other players by customizing your outfits and modifying your droid.

If you grow tired of the browser game's relentless battlefield, you are able to test your wit in a huge range of mini games – including Lightsaber Dueling, Blaster Training and Speeder Bike racing. Test your brain power in puzzling games such as Droid Programming and Saber Strike.

Be prepared for non-stop action and adventure as you are transported to the vast Star Wars universe - meet your old favourites, take on scores of droid enemies, and claim mighty victory for your species.

by Kyle Hayth

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