Clash of Queens
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Clash of Queens
What to expect:
  • Real Time Strategy in Fantasy World
  • Many Tactical Options for Creating an Army
  • Stay Loyal to Your Queen or Betray Her
  • Battle against other Players and Mighty Dragons
  • Mobile Games
  • PvP
  • PvE
  • Online Games
  • iOS
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Play Clash of Queens for Free on Your Smartphone or Tablet

Girl power! That’s the motto of the free-to-play strategy game Clash of Queens. Don’t worry, guys, you’re allowed to play it too!


The developers behind the mobile game Clash of Kings have released another free-to-play building simulation for fans of strategic gameplay. As you might expect from the mobile game’s title, women are in charge in Clash of Queens. In the fantasy world of the strategy game, a female monarch is in charge of her kingdom (queendom?). You will either support your queen and defend her honor or you will betray her cause in order to become more powerful yourself.

Clash of Queens is a classic strategy game for smartphones and tablets. Its gameplay consists of building simulation elements as well as massive battles. The further you progress in the app, the more varied the buildings that you can choose become. In order to speed up the advancement of the kingdom, you can recruit citizens to build and upgrade several buildings at once. It’s no surprise that you will need a lot of resources in order to expand and upgrade your settlement, which is fairly quaint at first. You will collect the resources yourself and constantly increase your supply by attacking other players and looting their settlements.

Fight against Mighty Dragons in Clash of Queens

This is where military conflicts take place in the mobile game. You will need to recruit a powerful army that can loyally head into battle for you. You can even recruit magicians for your cause who will support and strengthen your troops. This will increase your chance of victory significantly. It is equally as important to make sure that your troops are optimally balanced. You can choose between archers, infantry, cavalry, and powerful mages. Your army will not only attack other players, but also defend your kingdom from inimical attack.

In the PvE campaign, your goal is to hunt dragons. You will send out your most powerful combatants to fight against the fire-spitting lizards. If you don’t want to head into battles alone, you can always team up with other players by joining an alliance.

Clash of Queens Screenshots

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