Clash of Lords 2
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Clash of Lords 2
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Clash of Lords 2 Description

Build a rock-solid fortress and embark on an adventure to loot your enemies and all of their resources in this free-to-play strategy game. Develop a formidable army of troops, heroes, and dragons and march into war against other players online.


Clash of Lords 2 is a free-to-play mobile game which invites you to build and protect your base, while engaging in tactical tower defense gameplay. As in similar build-up games, such as Clash of Clans and Castle Clash, the focus is on expanding your camp and developing your army. Take real-time command of your heroes as you invade other settlements in search of loot and gold. Find the resources you need to expand your town and satisfy its inhabitants. Develop an army of vicious troops and wage a war with nearby clans, acquiring mighty dragons and rock solid monsters that will aid you in battle.

There are six battle modes to choose from in this MMORTS, each with unique missions and quests that you must complete to be victorious in battle. Deploy your troops in a free-for-all invasion of another settlement to get valuable materials and gold. Or battle it out in the heroes arena, testing the strength of your heroes as you fight in PvP battles against other players online. If you join a guild, you can enter the Battle Royale, where you work together in an alliance and rampage through multiple fortresses, destroying bosses and collecting loot in Clash of Lords 2.

As you enhance your base camp, you will want to develop an army of troops which you can deploy in different situations to either defend your base or attack others. While having enough recruits is important, you will also want to save your gold so that you can acquire some more powerful soldiers, namely heroes. Acquire the strong and powerful Hydrasaur! This two-headed dragon is a powerful ally and will serve you well in battle, with abilities in both fire and ice. Then there’s the Blockhead, a beast with giant fists made of rock with the ability to pound through waves of soldiers in one single swing of his arm.

This free-to-play strategy game is available for iOS, Android, and Windows mobiles and tablets.

Clash of Lords 2 Screenshots

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