Clash of Kingdoms
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Clash of Kingdoms
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Clash of Kingdoms Description

Be taken on an exciting journey to a developing ancient world complete with noble knights and armor, epic battles and sieges, and ongoing building and construction in this browser-based strategy game.


Clash of Kingdoms is a massively multiplayer strategy browser game set in an ancient Chinese world. Your aim is to expand your settlement and conquer your enemies in a bid for power and ultimate dominance over the empire. There are 16 varying factions that you can choose to be local to in this exciting strategy-based MMOG, taken from the infamous Han Dynasty era of Ancient China. You start the game by receiving your very own manor, the base for your fort. You aim is to gather as many valuable resources as you can, including wood, stone, food, iron and silver.

In the online game Clash of Kingdoms you need to construct various dwellings and buildings to manufacture resources and to help support your civilians and soldiers. Some of the potential dwellings in your manor include lumber yards, quarries, refineries, farms and residences. Military facilities you may choose to build on your manor include Barracks, Stables, Archery Range, and a Workshop.

Take command of your powerful army in the browser-based strategy game Clash of Kingdoms and lead your troops on a barrage of another kingdom's city using powerful siege weaponry. Should you prefer a more passive approach, then you can stay within the confines of your city walls, fiercely defending it from attackers. In Clash of Kingdoms you can recruit specialized heroes in city taverns and hire them to take charge of your city and armed forces – heroes can be cultivated through quests and experience.

Collect various precious items, embark on quests, and complete achievements in order to gain prestige, honor and rewards in the ancient strategy game Clash of Kingdoms.

by Kyle Hayth

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