Clash of Clans: 360-Degree Interactive Battle

12/08/2015 05:48 am by Benjamin Robson in VideosMobile GamesiOS

Clash of Clans 360 Degree Raid

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be in the thick of it in a Clash of Clans raid? Supercell has made it all possible with their latest 360-degree teaser video showing a full raid in the free to play mobile game.

The 360-degree experience is a new feature on YouTube that allows the viewer to be right in the middle of the action and control the camera in a full sphere. The technology has been used for various tech demos, but this is the first time that Supercell has applied it to Clash of Clans. Check it out below.

The video shows a small settlement being raided by some iconic characters in the free-to-play game; there are Giants, Wallbreakers, Hogriders, and even a Dragon. For anyone that feels inspired by the cinematic and wants to get involved in the game, click the button below and play the game for free on iOS and Android.

Source: Official YouTube Channel

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