Clash of Clans: Friendly Challenges and More in May

05/20/2016 05:23 am by Marcel Wuttig in NewsMobile GamesiOS

Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans

Supercell is planning to release a big update in May for their strategy game Clash of Clans. The bulk of the patch will focus on balancing and adding new levels for some units and buildings. Among many things, the developers will try to counteract the dwindling popularity of air armies once players reach Town Hall Level 11. New levels for higher stages and an improved defense against ground troops are some of the first steps to improve this issue.

For the edit mode, Supercell has many new tools and features in store to make players’ lives easier. It will soon be possible to donate fully trained troops and spells when a player’s army is too full. The Clash of Clans community will be happy to hear that war logs for any clan can be publicly viewed, unless a clan chooses to disable that function in their settings.

One of the most important additions for the mobile strategy game will be the brand new Friendly Challenges mode. Two friends will have the option to go up against each other in these matches without spending any gold, troops, spells, heroes, or traps. Obviously, players won’t be able to earn any resources, trophies, or other bonuses either. The Friendly Challenges are meant purely for fun or for practice purposes.

Source: Official game homepage

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