Clash of Avatars: Get Your Free Gift Code!

01/19/2016 06:05 am by Benjamin Robson in GiveawaysBrowser GamesPvP

Clash of Avatars Giveaway

The free-to-play fantasy game Clash of Avatars has just launched, and we are here to help you along your journey with some bonus codes! The codes can be used in-game to get a whole bunch of cool stuff.

For those that haven’t heard about Clash of Avatars, it’s a brand new fantasy MMO featuring powerful heroes and their loyal companions. Fans of the genre will feel right at home when jumping in-game and choosing their favorite class and hero. The giveaway this time around contains a load of helpful items and resources to make sure that you have the best start in the game:

Complete Stone2
Magic Drill20
HP Potion50

This giveaway has ended.

In order to redeem the code, simply enter your email address above and we will send a code out to you immediately. Remember that each code can only be used once, and you have to be in-game before you can redeem it.

Source: Official Press Release

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