Clash of Avatars
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Clash of Avatars
What to expect:
  • Three Character Classes
  • Dance through a Vast Fantasy World
  • More than 60 Avatars, 50 Mounts, and 10 Pets to Collect
  • Endless PvE and PvP Events
  • Available in Your Browser for Free
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  • PvP
  • Online Games
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Play Clash of Avatars Online for Free

Delve into a colorful fantasy adventure in the free-to-play MMORPG Clash of Avatars! Collect all kinds of avatars, pets, and mounts.


Have you always dreamt of dancing "Gangnam Style" with your friends in an online roleplaying game? Believe it or not, this is exactly what you can do in Clash of Avatars! It might not be the most important feature in the MMORPG, but it is certainly one that is unique to this fantasy game, among many others! Published by AMZGame, this title has all kinds of unique features for its online community.

Take some of the roleplaying game elements of Clash of Avatars as an example. The avatars play a major role in the fantasy game, as you might’ve guessed judging from its title. They are basically individual appearances for your character, featuring unique bonuses, weapons, armor, and various other skills. They are available in different powerful versions, and you can unlock them by collecting the respective currency that you get for successfully completing quests and events. In total, you can find more than 60 different avatars in the online game. Think of all the possibilities! You will spend hours collecting all of them.

Choose Your Class!

Before you unlock and collect your avatars, you have to decide on a class in the roleplaying game. These should be familiar to you if you’ve ever delved into an RPG before. You can find the warrior who is an expert at melee combat, the ranger who prefers ranged combat, and the magician who casts all kinds of spells. Choose the one that best suits your preferred playstyle.

Meet and Collect Animal Companions in Clash of Avatars!

Another thing that many players enjoy in roleplaying games is the chance to collect fantastical creatures that will accompany you throughout the game. This is also possible in Clash of Avatars where you can collect not only adorable pets, but also powerful mounts. There are more than 50 to discover in the title ranging from a simple horse to a mighty falcon. The animals can even be leveled up and customized with special mount cards.

Last but not least, there are the unique dance moves that your character can learn in the RPG. How about doing the Gangnam Style after you’ve successfully defeated a massive boss or have won against another player in a heated PvP fight?

Discover the anime and cosplay inspired world of Clash of Avatars for free!

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