City of Steam: Arkadia
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City of Steam: Arkadia
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City of Steam: Arkadia Description

Ages after the creation of the World Machine, you find yourself in a fantasy world with a steampunk aesthetic. The very world you inhabit was designed long ago by Paragons


Beings of supernatural intelligence whose only downfall was losing control of the immense power they used to create the World Machine.

Although the Paragons are long gone, their mechanical masterpiece lives on through the ancient city-state of nexus and the nine playable races that inhabit it. At the beginning of character creation you will be able to choose from the Heartlanders, Avens, Ostenians, Stoigmari, Riven, Draug, Goblins, Orcs and Hobbes as you start your adventure. After this you’ll have to decide which class you would like to play as, a conundrum to which there are four possible solutions. You are able to play as an Arcanist, Gunner, Warder or Channeler. By now you’re probably noticing that City of Steam is an RPG style game, where each of these numerous races has a long history on the World Machine and each class has particular strengths and weaknesses that make playing any one of them a far different experience than playing as another.

The history of the World Machine and its creators, the Paragons is shrouded in mystery. There hasn’t been much written down and left to the current generations, but the influence of these great creators, their knowledge and their power is evident throughout Nexus. Studying the mechanisms of the very World Machine itself has spurred the development of many of the technical wonders that abound in City of Steam: Arkadia. The Airships hovering above you, the robotic steamtoilers patrolling the streets and the massive factories producing any number of weapons or devices leave little wonder as to their inspiration and ancient origins. Now it is your turn to uncover the mystery of the Paragons and their power in City of Steam, an expansive steampunk universe waiting to be explored.

by Jonathan Smith

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