City of Heroes Freedom
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City of Heroes Freedom
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City of Heroes Freedom Description

The City of Paragon is a beacon for all superheroes around the world. Will you go there as another apprentice hero or attempt to conquer it as a rising supervillain...?


City of Heroes Freedom is a MMORPG that brings the world of comics to life and puts you right into the shoes of a powerful character. You get to decide your fate as you can either become one of the most renowned super villains of all time or protect justice as a powerful super hero.

You will begin your journey in City of Heroes Freedom by creating your very own super hero or villain. Not only can you choose your name, outfit and what faction you will be fighting for, but what your powers will be from a huge selection of various super powers. Want to bend the time-continuum to help you and your allies? Maybe you want super speed to out maneuver your enemies? The choice is yours.

As you complete missions and defeats threats in City of Heroes Freedom, you will gain experience. This allows you to become more powerful because, as you gain more experience, you will level your character and unlock new skills. These skills can greatly increase your abilities or provide you with special buffs.

There are over 30 different stories for you to follow and become a true superhero or villain in City of Heroes Freedom. Each story will take you down a different path and let you explore your true potential as a super being.

Explore the city in a group of your friends and become known as the premiere group in City of Heroes Freedom. Heard of the Justice League? Yeah, it is kind of like that. If you can master your skills and work together, there are nearly limitless things for you to do in this free-to-play MMORPG. Completely customize your own character and become the ultimate super hero or villain!

by Kyle Hayth

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