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City Island 2
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City Island 2 Description

Welcome to an island that is just waiting to expand with your help! In this tycoon game, you will be in charge of a growing island metropolis. Hundreds of buildings are just waiting to be built…


City building simulations are all the rage these days. Whether you play in your browser, on your mobile device, or by downloading a client, you can enjoy this genre at all times. Partially due to games such as The Simpsons: Tapped Out and Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff, the free city games genre is more diverse than ever before. If you are looking for a really classic city building game for your iOS device or Android smartphone and tablet, you should take a closer look at City Island 2.

The developers themselves refer to this app as an interpretation of the Sim City tycoon games. So, if you’ve been craving to play a colorful and tropical interpretation of a city game, you should click the green button below and download the game. City Island 2 starts out with a tiny, basically non-existent community that needs your help to expand. You will build houses for your population, create jobs for them (how else would they be able to afford their homes?), and establish a thriving economy. You are the one person that will make all the important decisions in this free-to-play simulation.

Countless quests will constantly push you forward and make sure that your city expands into a tropical paradise that everyone wants to live in. Soon, your original settlement will have expanded into the number one vacation destination, luring people from all over the world to come and visit it. Build more parks, trees, decorations, and community buildings to satisfy all visitors as well as all the residents.

The free-to-play mobile game definitely defines the meaning of a tycoon game, letting you become the tycoon. Make sure that the economy is thriving and that you quickly gain experience and become the most renowned city of them all. New updates will constantly add new decorations, buildings, and quests, allowing you to erect new skyscrapers and take your exotic city to the next level.

City Island 2 Screenshots

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