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City Girl Life
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City Girl Life Description

Move to the big city and pursue the career of your dreams! Nothing can keep you from reaching your goal in this social online game, especially if you interact with other players. Throw on a snazzy outfit and live your life the way you want!


Wishing and yearning for another life will generally get you nowhere. You know what’s great, though? That players everywhere get the chance to dive into a variety of free simulation games online to take on another persona and live vicariously through an avatar that they themselves have created. If this sounds tempting to you, you might want want to check out City Girl Life! Available on Facebook, the title brought to you by RockYou Inc. (Fashion Designer) has everything you would expect from a game that allows you to move into the big city and live life to its fullest. You start out by moving into a tiny little basement apartment. Not very spacious, but it'll do. Where you go from here is entirely up to you and what you want to achieve. Whether pursuing a career in the entertainment industry is your goal or turning into a famous superstar is what you’re after, the City Girl Life will have its ups and downs as you unlock new achievements and play through different missions!

Just like in any classic roleplaying game, completing certain tasks will reward your City Girl Life character with experience points. These are needed to gain new levels and unlock valuable rewards, such as additional customization options or a bigger wardrobe. And hey, if you want to turn into a real business woman, you will have to look the part! The free-to-play social game allows you to interact with friends and send gifts to neighbors that need it the most. They too have the opportunity to shower you with presents. Take up a craft and hone your skills to play through special quests and make a name for yourself in the big city that you are trying to conquer with good looks and charms.

If a set of missions doesn’t really speak to you, don’t worry too much! Weekly events will spice things up in City Girl Life and give you more than enough variety when it comes to taking on jobs. You are also free to change careers at any given time in this life simulation. Sick of the long hours that come with being a chef? Then choose to be a fashion designer or author instead and let your creativity run free!

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