Chronicles of Nerdia
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Chronicles of Nerdia
What to expect:
  • Make yourself into a customized superhero
  • Fun and adorable cartoon-style graphics
  • Training camps to level up your skills
  • Daily missions and weekly tournaments against other players
  • Browser Games
  • Topic
  • Superheroes
  • RPG
  • Platform
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Out of Mom’s Basement and Into Battle: Chronicles of Nerdia!

Basement nerds, go! Become the superheroes you read about all day in your comics, and defeat hordes of evil doers for free in Chronicles of Nerdia.


Even Superman started out as a baby, so you’ve already got a leg up. Explore a world of comic books brought to life in free-to-play Chronicles of Nerdia. Start out as a normal human being, living at home with nothing better to do but read comics, watch superhero films and imagine doing something bigger. Suddenly, everything changes and the world needs YOU!

Customize yourself as a superhero with your choice of costume, appearance choices like hair, eyes, body shape, lips, and more. Next, choose your weapons and make sure they’re good ones! Evil is attacking your city and while you start out weak, you will have the chance to level up and become strong enough to defeat them all, protecting your city and all the people in it. Features available for each character include strength, endurance, intellect, and also the ability to bypass attacks from even happening. Go to the training camps and make yourself stronger by training all your skills. In a fun, comic book style design, Chronicles of Nerdia features the city you once knew is now different from every angle- all your neighbors are just a little weirder than usual. It’s up to you to save them all.

Become the Greatest Hero of All Time in Chronicles of Nerdia!

Chronicles of Nerdia is a free-to-play RPG that puts you into the spotlight as a true hero. Every day, there are different missions to access, and weekly tournaments between you and other players. Player versus player mode is popular in the game, huge boss battles where you have time to decide on your next best move, and every time you complete a quest, you can earn great rewards. With only the click of your mouse, play Chronicles of Nerdia and experience the tongue-in-cheek gameplay of a comic book city that needs your help. Become the superhero you can only dream of. After all, even Spider-Man’s Peter Parker had to start somewhere!

Chronicles of Nerdia Screenshots

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