Chronicles of Merlin
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Chronicles of Merlin
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Chronicles of Merlin Description

Rally the heroes around you and forge alliances in order to survive in the dangerous land of Westmore. Only the strong will survive in this harsh land...


Chronicles of Merlin is a hybrid role-playing and strategy game that challenges you over a series of 10 chapters to prove victorious against your enemies. As you advance through the chapters, you will face new enemies and bosses that are sure to test even the most veteran of commanders.

You will need to create an army and use different tactics as you come up against foes in Chronicles of Merlin. Depending on the formations that you employ with your troops, you will be able to utilize different strengths in your strategy. This will also assist your hero – your most important asset.

In Chronicles of Merlin, your hero is the heart of your army. Your hero will lead your forces into battle and dominate the fight. You must wisely choose a hero for your troops as they will be used throughout the battle and can greatly swing the momentum.

At the end of each chapter in the browser game Chronicles of Merlin, you will be faced with a particularly tough challenge: a boss. You must cooperate with other players in order to take down this powerful adversary and move onto the next chapter. However, if you cannot find any players to join you, you can always hire a couple mercenaries to get the job done.

You must also struggle to control all the resources of ancient Europe. This pits players against each other in intense 1-on-1 battles. Utilize your skills that you perfect in the campaign mode to conquer any player that would dare take your valuable resources.

Conquer the strange and dangerous world of Westmore as you build an army and master your heroes in Chronicles of Merlin. Only the strong will survive in this land.

by Kyle Hayth

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