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This first-person shooter is your chance to prove that music is indeed coursing through your veins. Reggae rhythms, pop beats or guitar shredding: Sounds like these will help you take down enemy players in action-packed battles.


Have you ever wondered what would happen if Warframe and Guitar Hero had a baby? Harmonix is here to answer your question by offering you to play Chroma, a new and upcoming free-to-play title. In this online shooter, everything you do is driven and fueled by sounds, music and rhythm. Being successful not only requires you to work together with your team, but also listen closely to what is going on in this futuristic world. Turning off the sound in this client-based game is possible, sure - but not recommended if you ever want to have a shot at winning a match. You are not using your weapon to make music. Here, music is your ultimate weapon and the only way you will set yourself apart from other competitive players.

As just one of many faders, it's your goal to protect the Signal and reclaim it as soon as enemy players manage to breach the barriers and take over the source of all power. Chroma offers you a variety of unique classes - one more different than the next. Adjusting your play style is easy as pie in this free-to-play online shooter and only requires you to switch your character or weapon. The choices you make in Chroma directly reflect on what musical genre you will use to blast opponents into oblivion, whether that’s synthetic pop, black metal or bass-heavy dubstep. Keep in mind that Chroma’s landscape may change any second, always depending on the beat of the music.

Harmonix promises that Chroma is free-to-play and not pay-to-win. Being victorious and moving up in the world of this music shooter should have nothing to do with how much real money you spend in the game’s premium shop, but should only come down to how quick your reflexes are and if you manage to outsmart the enemy team. Do you have what it takes to try out this innovative take on a MMOFPS? Then channel your inner musician and use nothing but sound waves and your nerves of steel to battle against other players.

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