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Checkmate Description

World War II is underway and you must gather your troops, head to the front and fight. Only with a good strategy and strong support will you be able to win the battle!


Dive right into the greatest conflict of the 20th century in Checkmate, a free-to-play browser-based strategy game that will challenge you to use your strategic skills to win battles and maybe even the war. Take on the role of a general and fight alongside your brethren as you strive to unify the world ad shape history.

In Checkmate, you will need the support of a good number of generals. Staying true to history, you will be able to see such generals as Rommel, MacArthur, Patton and Eisenhower as you prepare to lead your troops onto the field of battle.

Not only are the characters in Checkmate historically accurate, but the weapons and vehicles are as well. At your headquarters, you will be able to recruit powerful infantry like the Panzerfaust unit or construct the ultimate armored machine, the Tiger I tank.

Of course, you will not just be able to take the field with tanks and troops in Checkmate. A good commander knows that artillery is also necessary to get the job done. In Checkmate, you will also be able to utilize some of the most iconic artillery units of all time.

Additionally, you can take part in historical campaigns in Checkmate that will let you relive some of the most famous battles of World War II. This includes the Baltic Offensive, Battle of Moscow and Battle of Kiev.

Shape history and unite the world under your nation’s banner in Checkmate. Only if you master your strategies and utilize your troops wisely will you be able to take the field and secure a victory.

by Kyle Hayth

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